I need a break from writing and reading. That’s a lie. In truth, my husband insists I need a break. “We need to get out of here,” he says. “We need to go somewhere and be together without gadgets and cell phones and iPads.”

I nod, manically packing my books into a suitcase. Afraid that at any moment he’ll add, “And books, too.”

He stares me down. I stare right back, INSURGENT clutched to my chest.

His mouth parts. “And maybe…”

Don’t you say it, I think. Don’t you effing say it.

“And maybe from books too, babe,” he finishes, crushing my soul as Four and Tris clatter to the floor.


Okay, so maybe he’s right. We all need a mental vaca, including me, even if I have to be strong-armed into going. So we are…going, I mean. To the beach. To Galveston. To a hotel they say is haunted, which is wicked cool in so many different ways. Also, Galveston is the locale from Mary Lindsey’s SHATTERED SOULS. So there’s that. Not that I’m telling my husband this, because then he’d probably give me that look that says, “I thought we discussed this.” And then I’d have to get all Katniss up on his ass and be like, “No one tells me what to do, man.”

Anywho, here are pics of the hotel we’re staying at. Can you see the ghosts?


Haunted Hotel




Texas Haunted Hotels


Texas Haunted Hotels


Texas Haunted Hotels


Texas Haunted Hotel


In other news, I got my hair did. Yeah, lots happening up in the Scott household. 😉


What about you guys. Any vaca plans this summer? See you all in a week or so! 🙂