After finishing the sequel to Salt & Stone, I was faced with the thrilling question authors occasionally get to ask themselves: What’s next? I had a couple of ideas for Scholastic, and got to work on drafting proposals. One of the those proposals was, admittedly, way too dark/twisted/warped for the publishing house to buy. I went on to finish that manuscript, and promise one day you will get to read it in some fashion. But I can’t talk about that book…yet.

What I can talk about is what project ultimately worked for my keen-eyed editor. At first I submitted a thirty page sample along with a synopsis for a trippy YA fantasy. They liked it, and wanted to see more. So I wrote an additional thirty pages (for a total of sixty pages) and sent them off.

Then something happened as I was waiting on their decision.

I was lounging on the couch at home, when a commercial came on. It was this commercial:



I can’t describe the feeling that came over me watching this. I jumped up. I pointed at my husband, and then at the screen. I screamed, “Rewind that! REWIND THAT!” I told him, under no uncertain terms, that this was my next book. He didn’t even have time to reply before I raced into my office and emailed my agent, and then my editor. The email basically went something like, “I have my next book. Scratch what I sent you. New proposal coming!” One week later, I submitted a new idea talking about steel, mechanical horses driven like race cars, and the thrill-seeking jockeys who rode them. The proposal consisted of a three page sample and a synopsis.

Scholastic bought it.

No need to dwell. No need for further pages. We all agreed this was it, and I celebrated like nobody’s business. Contracts were negotiated and signed, and finally, the PM announcement was made this morning.


Victoria Scott


I can’t wait to share more with you about this stand-alone young adult novel, Titans, in the coming months. We’re a long ways off from the Fall 2016 release, but rest assured I’m working hard to ensure Salt & Stone will tide you over until then. And of course, here’s this lovely international giveaway we can celebrate with!


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