You guys have been such patient readers. Just look how patient you’ve been! It’s been six months since Fire & Flood released and you haven’t once begged, pleaded, or threatened me for the sequel. Oh, wait, yes you have. I suppose you’ve been about as patient as I have waiting for Salt & Stone ARCs to land on my doorstep (that’s a zero-percent patience level, just so we’re clear). Today, because you’ve been so kind and well-behaved (no, false), I’m giving you a few spoiler-free lines from book two. Let’s see if that’ll tide you over for a few weeks.

 Teaser #1
“I jump–
My arms pinwheel, and my stomach lurches into my throat. The world rushes by, and for an awful moment I believe I will hit the water too hard and die. I’ve heard it’s possible. That when you’re falling this fast, hitting the water can be like belly flopping onto a parking lot. I instinctively suck in a breath, and then I crash into the ocean.
Rational thought slips away, and I become a machine. Get to the top. Keep swimming up. Keep going. Kick, kick, kick. I can’t believe how far down I plunged, how long it’s taking to get to the surface. Don’t look around. Don’t panic. Swim. Swim.” – Salt & Stone 

 Teaser #2
“Waves roll across the surface, and as they crest, one after another, it almost seems as if the sea is moving. I mean, I know it does move, incessantly advancing and receding from the shore. But the way I see it now, it’s more like a herd of purple stallions barreling across the earth, covering ground, searching for something beyond the horizon. It’s enough to make you reach for a saddle and reins.” – Salt & Stone

 Teaser #3
“The guy on the boarding platform stands over six feet tall and is built like a Roman gladiator. His hair is so black, it’s almost blue, and his eyes are light brown. He reminds me of Guy in a way, but he isn’t Guy. This dude is more unnerving. I mean, Guy Chambers is as unnerving as they come, but not in the way that makes you think he might kill you in your sleep.” – Salt & Stone