Every once in a while, I’ll check to see how many people have added THE COLLECTOR on Goodreads. It’s a good indicator of whether we (my publicists and I) need to do a bit more marketing, or if things are progressing smoothly. Well, last Tuesday, one thousand people added it. My jaw dropped and I immediately searched for an explanation. Why so many? Why today?

Turns out, each month Goodreads names six noteworthy titles that are “racing up their most popular charts”. And THE COLLECTOR was one of those titles! Goodreads listed this on their Voice page, their Facebook page, and blasted out an email that included the book. Suffice it to say, I owe Goodreads an enormous thank you for not only taking notice of my little book, but for reading, summarizing, and promoting it to their readers, too.

So, thank you, Goodreads! I’m so proud to see THE COLLECTOR made your short list for April! And thank you to my readers for helping Dante get noticed by the book site in the first place!