Hey guys! I haven’t posted a general update on what’s up in writerland in a while. So here goes:

  • The Dante Walker website went live recently. The site got over 6,000 visits in 3 days. It was ludicrous. There were also tons of comments and hundreds of subscribers in the same time frame. Even now, the numbers keep soaring. People be lovin’ some Dante.

  • I got invited to speak at the Montgomery County Book Festival near Houston. What’s more, I just got my panel assignment which is titled Things That Go Bump in the Night. How cool is that? On the panel with me is Mary Lindsay, Kendare Blake, and Joy Preble! Yeah, that sound? It was my jaw hitting the floor. Squee!
  • I’m currrently writing the second book in the DANTE WALKER trilogy. In fact, I’m 75,000 words in which means crap is really hitting the proverbial fan. Big time. I’m also waiting on line edits for Book 1. Word on the street is I’ll get those in the next few weeks.
  • I also got a new laptop since my desktop computer went to heaven. Or maybe its soul was collected by Mr. Walker. Wouldn’t surprise me. The new laptop is named Ms. Jackson, because she can be pretty nasty (I hope someone out there gets that joke). Here are pics of Ms. Jackson.
  • Finally, I’m mostly moved in to my new place. I’ve still got lots of painting/furniture shopping/pic hanging to do, but the office is pretty well put together. Want to see?

That’s it folks! Thanks for checking in with me. I heart you guys so much!!! 🙂