There’s so much goodness going on, my black heart may explode with glee. First, Titans is officially up for pre-order on Amazon! And if that isn’t exciting enough, I got to see the Titans cover and it pretty much blew my feeble mind! The team at Scholastic is making final tweaks, but suffice it to say I am beyond thrilled with the concept. And I’ll bluntly say it’s my favorite cover of mine, ever.

Finally, I’d like to recognize my new assistant, Bridget Froemming. She’s already done amazing things for my books with her @fireandflood Instagram account, and now I’ll be able to force her ask her to take on new, exciting projects. Join me in welcoming her aboard!

To celebrate Titans being real and shiny and confident on Amazon, and because that cover is completely whoa, I’m giving away a box of signed swag I’ve been compiling for two years! There’s so much goodness in this box, you guys. From posters, to signed event badges, to slap bracelets and loads of bookmarks. This contest is international, and the winner will be chosen and notified on August 4, 2015. Good luck!


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