I can’t believe there’s only a week until the release of the FIRE & FLOOD paperback. Believe it or not, this is actually a first for me. I’ve had hardcovers release, and I’ve had paperbacks release, but never have I had a paperback version of a book hit shelves. Does that make sense? If not, take my word for it that celebrating is in order. *shoots confetti into a rhinoceros stampede*

What makes January 27th even more exciting (that’s next Tuesday, folks!) is that the new cover will be in bookstores for the first time ever. Don’t you just want Tella’s fierce, fiery eye staring back at you from your personal library? Granted, Tella may have wished there was a touch more MAC mascara added to her eye before the photo shoot, but she’s too busy trying to survive the Brimstone Bleed to complain.

To commemorate this totally awesome, super exciting day, I’ve decided to send one winner a signed, personalized paperback copy of FIRE & FLOOD (plus signed swag!). So enter below, and get ready to do some serious jazz hands with me next Tuesday!


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