So, under the guidance of both my editor and literary agent, I rarely do book reviews anymore. But sometimes…sometimes I’m hit with the I-must-tell-everyone-about-this-book-or-I-will-die syndrome. There’s absolutely no cure for this except to do a review on my blog. Doctor’s orders.

ANGEL EYES was one of those books for me. Though angels have been done before, I assure you, they haven’t been done like this. I adored the main character, Brielle, and her growth throughout her journey. I loved her beau in this book, Jake, and how their relationship is both gentle, sexy, and slow-growing (no cliched insta-love here). But mostly, I loved the pacing of this story. So many YA’s try to rush you so that you can hardly catch your breath. And sometimes, the result is a distancing from the main characters. It’s like having a gourmet meal placed in front of you, and stuffing your face without actually tasting much. But ANGEL EYES…ANGEL EYES is like a cup of your favorite tea when you need it most. You take sip after sip, savoring the temperature and flavors. And then, after your cup is nearly empty, you get that sudden burst of honey against your tongue.

That’s this book.

Sorry to be all overly-literary. I’m just trying to explain the awesomeness that is ANGEL EYES without giving away too much (I HATE that). And come to think of it, there’s no better way than to show you than to offer you a chance to win a copy of your own!

I hope you win so we can talk ANGEL EYES sans tea analogies. 😉


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