Trisha Wolfe is my home girl. Like, she’s the chick I call when I am about to light someone’s house on fire. No matter what, she’s there to talk me down, or to supply the kerosene. I heart her face, her personality, her business-savviness, and above all–her writing. If you guys have read DESTINY’S FIRE, then you know she’s a magician with words and a born story-teller. But what Trish is most know for is her ability to write romance hot enough to make your toes curl. And the steamy scenes in FIREBLOOD are no exception.

When I first dove into FIREBLOOD, I knew Trisha had written something different, something amazing. And as I turned the pages, I was more and more enthralled by the characters and the world she’d created. I can’t wait for you to experience this Camelot-inspired Dystopian bombshell. In the meantime, enjoy the GORGEOUS cover! And check out the “making the cover” video below: