Last week, I was notified that Fire & Flood was nominated for a Silver Falchion award in the young adult category. This pretty much blows my mind, especially when perusing the other nominees. When I wrote Fire & Flood, I was unpublished, hoping for a book deal for The Collector, and fairly convinced that nothing I wrote would ever make it off my laptop and into readers’ hands. So things like this? Award nominations and starred reviews and foreign publishing deals? They lift my feet off the ground.

I remember driving home with my husband one afternoon. I was going through a particularly dark moment of believing I’d never be published (writers, you know what I’m talking about). He said to me, “But no matter what, you tried.” I’ll never forget my reply. I told him, “But that’s the horrible part of trying no one talks about. If you never try then you can lie on your deathbed and tell yourself you could have been…anything. But if you try, and fail, then you know… You know you weren’t good enough.”

I started crying. Because it felt so true at the time. I guess what I’m saying is I know how hard it is to reach for something great. I know. And so I will never take for granted these moments, or this nomination. And I hope you’ll never take for granted the power of your vote for books, and authors, you love. Thank you.

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