Readers who preorder books help authors in a big way. They show bookstores that the title is in demand, and those bookstores go on to place orders. They cause your publisher to sit up, take note, and spend a little extra on marketing. And they make release day phenomenal, because all those preorders get pushed through at the same time and give the book an extra shove at the starting line.

So I’d like to reward everyone who has preordered FIRE & FLOOD, or plans to do so. Specifically, I’m giving away an ‘I Heart Pandoras’ button to anyone who preorders the book, and you’ll also be automatically registered to win a $25 Book Depository gift card. This giveaway is international. The promo card below explains the details, so please feel free to share on Twitter!

We’re six weeks from release, and I can’t thank you for your excitement for my newest series. Pandoras for everyone!


Fire and Flood