This morning I went outside to, I don’t know, stare across the street like the creepy neighbor I am, and discovered a box sitting on my porch. It could have been anything: finished copies of FIRE & FLOOD, a last minute Christmas gift, a muskrat skull dipped in 70% chocolate. But it wasn’t any of those things. It was…drum roll…FIRE & FLOOD posters. Pow!

Wait, why is Dante Walker here? Someone get him the H out. This isn’t his party.

Anyway, I got posters. Lots of them. And I have to sign a crap ton and mail them to Scholastic. But, I’m obviously stealing one for you guys. So, enter the Rafflecopter widget below and win a glossy, signed poster for yourself. Then you can laugh at everyone who is withought a glossy, signed poster. And won’t that be fun?

Thought so.


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