After the foreign sale of FIRE & FLOOD to Germany, I didn’t think life could get much better. But yesterday I got an email from my editor and the foreign rights agent at Scholastic. It seems that another auction took place for FIRE & FLOOD and the sequel…this time in Brazil. The auction was between three separate houses and started during the Frankfurt Book Festival. That means this auction went on for over a month, and yet no one was willing to cave.

In the end, the rights went to Editoria Fundamento. What’s more, this powerhouse Brazilian publisher has committed to placing advertisements for FIRE & FLOOD in major newspapers and magazines, and positioning FIRE & FLOOD displays in all major Brazilian bookstores. I just can’t believe this is happening yet again and feel so unbelievably blessed.

To summarize, FIRE & FLOOD will now be available in the following markets:

The United States
The United Kingdom
The Netherlands
New Zealand

You know what this means guys: another international giveaway! This time I’m giving away a FIRE & FLOOD necklace charm, signed bookmarks, and a I Heart Pandoras button. Best of luck, and thank you so much for the love and support. This book is as much yours as it is mine. Pandoras for everyone!


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