So two nights ago I was lying in bed with my beau. He said to me, “What are some of your goals?” I replied, “Oh, we’re doing this? Okay. Yeah. I want to make Luci into a spy for the FBI or something, but she’ll be inclined to spill on all those delicious “top secret” things. I also want to look like Sofia Vegara, but also eat 10,000 calories a day. Oh, and I want to world dominate. And I guess end hunger or whatever.”

My husband looks at me. “I meant for your career.”


“You should’ve specified,” I said. “Okay, seriously? Like, realistically?”

He nods.

I lean back. “Yeah, ya know, I’d really like to either win an award for one of my books or make one of those coveted best book lists.”

He closes his eyes and begins to snore, which is highly offensive if you ask me. But you know what? The very next day, and I mean the very next day, I got notified that Fire & Flood was nominated as a YALSA Teens’ Top 10 book. I freaked out and realized my husband is a psychic. Err, something.

Regardless of how my husband mind-freaked my dream into reality, I am thrilled beyond comprehension at being included on this list, and of course, there simply MUST be a giveaway to celebrate!


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