A few weeks ago, I told you guys that FIRE & FLOOD sold to a publisher in the UK, and that the book would now be available in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand in addition to the US and Canada. I had barely calmed down from that exciting news when I got another email on Friday. The foreign rights agent was writing to say FIRE & FLOOD had sold to a publisher in The Netherlands, and would be translated into the Dutch language.

Apparently, the publisher in The Netherlands is over-the-moon excited about FIRE & FLOOD, and to make me dance around my house even more, the foreign rights agent said this in the announcement email:

Victoria Scott’s thrilling Fire & Flood is being met with terrific international momentum pre-Frankfurt – and it is shaping up to be one of our hottest YA offerings! 

She said what about whaaa?! I can’t believe this is all happening five months before my book releases. It seems only yesterday that I was freaking out over signing with an agent and thanking God that someone had taken a chance on my little Dante Walker book.

To celebrate this fun news, I’m doing another fun giveaway. This time, I’ll be giving away an ARC of A.S. King’s REALITY BOY (which I loved), and signed FIRE & FLOOD bookmarks! The bookmarks will be international, and the book will be national.

Thanks for squeeing with me, guys. I adore you all!


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