A few days ago, my editor at Scholastic said she was mailing me a surprise. Now, with us being but a few weeks from the release of FIRE & FLOOD, I had an inkling of what that surprise would be. So I watched, and I waited. Days ticked by and I cursed the post man more times than I care to admit. But finally, on Monday evening at 6:45 pm, I heard the familiar sound of a UPS truck pulling up outside my house.

The time had come.

I rushed out of the house and jumped up and down as a freezing postal worker handed me my box. Then I offered to marry that same postal worker. Sadly, he declined. Could be he spotted the wedding ring on my finger. In any case, I ran inside and Husband grabbed a pair of scissors. I told him, “Okay, I’m going to pull one copy into my lap, and then put one in yours, and you can’t say a word until I decide how I feel.” He agreed to my terms.

But after only a few seconds of us silently turning the book over and peeking inside, he broke my golden rule. He opened his mouth and said, “It’s baaaaad.” And by baaaaad, he meant it was effing awesome.

“You weren’t supposed to say anything,” I scolded. Then I returned my gaze to the book and smiled. “It’s totally bad.”

“Sushi dinner?” he asked.

“You know it!”

Folks, I can’t believe the day I got to hold my finished books in my hands finally arrived. It was perfect and gratifying and humbling. And while I only have a couple of copies now, as soon as I get more, I’ll be sure and give one away. Because you, my dear readers, deserve this every bit as much as I do. Love you guys!

And now for pics! 😀


Victoria Scott

Victoria Scott

Victoria Scott