Last Friday, I finished my first round of edits and submitted them to my editor. Prior to that sweet release, my mother called nearly every day. “How’s the editing going?” she’d press. “I’m so glad this is on you and not me.”

Thanks, Mom.

What I told my dotting mother when she asked was the honest truth. That I wasn’t sure. That this was the first time I’d done edits for anyone other than myself and I had no idea whether I was over-correcting, or under-correcting, or just making the entire thing a huge pile of manure. I’m not sure I expected the whole second guessing myself thing, because when seasoned authors talk about edits, the conversation always focuses on the amount of edits. Two pages or twenty? Did they cry for an hour, or a week? So I knew there’d be some anxiety when it came to opening that email titled “THE COLLECTOR edits,” but not necessarily in the aftermath.

In the end, I worked on what I thought she wanted changed…and what I believed made the story stronger. Now I have to wait to find out if what I changed was enough to take it to the next round–which I think is line edits. Eek!


And now…on to my “Other Reasons to Celebrate:” 
I had a coversation with the publisher at Entangled Teen and she’s decided (drumroll) that we can do the cover reveal for my book June 1, 2012 (tentative). Isn’t that crazy exciting?! Okay, so maybe it’s just me….but in any case, I am one psyched girl! More news to come on this in the coming weeks. 🙂