This weekend, I received an amazing email. A teacher from Belgium, who teaches English to sixteen-year-olds, wanted to let me know about a student of his, Lara Delacourt, and what she had created. Apparently, this teacher, Mr. Tom Mertens, encourages his students to choose books that excite them (versus only allowing the classics), and to share that excitement in a creative fashion (versus a standard book report). What he sent me was an incredibly well done, incredibly touching poem written by Lara on my debut novel, The Collector.

I’m so proud of Lara and her teacher, and humbled that my own work inspired creativity in others, that I’m sharing her poem here. Please leave a comment so both Lara and her teacher can hear your thoughts and encouragement!


A Poem Inspired by The Collector
by Lara Delacourt

This is not a normal story
Because Dante walker is a bad boy
Be careful when you meet him
His task is to destroy

His boss is the devil
Dante can put a seal on your soul
It’s really terrifying
Everybody’s afraid of losing control

The seal is put
When you do something bad
So don’t fight with him
Or get him mad

He raises his hand
And your light appears
A red seal on your soul
It stays there for years

If your light is totally gone
Your soul gets collected
Then you’ll rot in hell
No way back, if you get elected

One day he gets an assignment
He really wants the promotion
He’s the best collector
Never shows any emotion

Collect Charlie Cooper’s soul
That’s what his boss said
Only ten days to do the job
There’s trouble ahead

In her house, he knocks on the door
Charlie turns his way
A big smile, a friendly face
Could it get any worse today?

The sight he gets, he doesn’t like
Frizzy hair, a very bad skin
Crooked teeth, a limp
Too bad that being ugly isn’t a sin

At first he can barely stand her
She talks way too much
A better person, he can’t imagine
He can make her blush just with his touch

They go to a party at Taylor’s place
Hide and seek, wait for a guy
Charlie’s the last one out there
Between the trees she has to cry

Dante tells her what he is
He tells her partly what his job is about
He offers her a soul contract
She gets mad and throws him out

After another humiliation in her school
She’s suddenly by his bed
Saying she’ll sign if he makes her pretty
Not wishing for beauty, but nice hair instead

After trying a couple of times
Her hair gets shiny and thick
A tiny seal appears, he has a few more days
He has to be patient with this chick

Blue, Annabelle, Charlie & Dante take a break
Las Vegas is perfect for a trip
The group of friends flies to Las Vegas
They should be at school, for once they skip

A plan forms in Dante’s head
At night they’re going to go to a club
He hires a stylist, a hairdresser…
Everybody’s dressing up

When he comes in Charlie’s room
There aren’t pimples on her face anymore
Her light dims a bit
But she got what she asked for

That night in the club
An unwanted visitor makes her appearance
Valery, a liberator of the Big Boss
She’s a big interference

Suddenly he sees Charlie drinking too much
And he saves her from a bad man
In the hotel room she asks for a kiss
He can’t do it, falling in love is not a good plan

Dante discovers why Charlie’s so special
She volunteering and being nice
Someday she will change the world
Sort of an angel in disguise

The Big Guy created her for a reason
Her parents died in a fire, she did not
She will bring peace for an era
Valery tells him it’s the will of God

Charlie’s mad at him, he needs to get away
He takes a plane to his mother
Just checking on her
He is shocked when he sees her with another

He feels the anonymous Collector
Who’s been following him since some time
Somebody pushes him almost under a car
Enough! Dante’s going to commit a crime

He’ll betray the Boss Man
He has chosen his side
Charlie can’t get hurt
He loves her, would be nothing if she died

Charlie won’t let him in
Disappointed he walks away
Max keeps him company and gets attacked
Dante tells him his plan for the next day

He hears Charlie’s at Natalie’s party
Her teeth are now white and straight
Her biggest attribute gets improved
In his heart, there’s a heavy weight

When he sees her kissing another guy
Fire burns from within
He grabs her and takes her on his shoulder
Jealousy is now Dante’s sin

Out in the woods
Their lips meet
Red is their colour
Without each other they’d be incomplete

Of course he didn’t tell her everything
The sickness is too strong
She has to wish more
Her light is very small, it won’t take too long

At the Halloween party he tells her the truth
She feels betrayed
His beautiful angel gets kidnapped
The Collector who took her is named Kincaid

Again in the woods with Max & Valery
He breaks his cuff
This special object is keeping him alive
The villains negotiate with bluff

The boyfriend of her mother
He’s one of the bad guys
Wings sprout from his shoulders
To everyone’s surprise

Dante almost dies after the fight
A liberator saves them all
The Big Guy gives him another cuff
He discovers it when he wakes up in a hospital

Charlie’s soul got collected
Who has it now?
Read the next book
And you’ll know who, what and how…