A few days ago, I returned from RT. Those of you who follow my blog know I had TLA, Edgefest, an Oklahoma City signing, and RT back-to-back. And last night, I had a library appearance. Tomorrow, I have another library appearance. And after that? After that I’m leaving for Round Rock for YAB Fest. It’s been an amazing experience, and each event has been a blast. But RT, by far, was the most intense. Throw a stone and hit ten different authors. Run fast enough and score free books. It was fantastic!

But let’s get real. You don’t want to know about the panels or the writing techniques I learned. You don’t want to hear about the craft workshops or even the parties. You want to know the juice–the stuff you learn about YA authors after spending hours on end with them. So I’m giving it to you. Strap yourself in. Pow!


1) Beth Revis has a majestic head of hair. Really. It’s kind of a masterpiece.

2) Kiera Cass’s THE ELITE hit the New York Times bestseller list while at RT (#1). She does a dance when she gets really excited. I saw the dance.

3) Josephine Angelini is as stunning as everyone says she is. She was so gorgeous that I tried really hard to hate her. But turns out? She was one of the nicest authors I’ve met, which obviously made me hate her more.

4) Amy Plum has a kick ass accent.

5) Cole Gibson is totally down to perform petty theft when it comes to books. Also, she is very small.

6) Carrie Ryan has the best advice for writers. If you can corner her for 10 minutes, do it.

7) Jennifer Lynn Barnes has a cool story structure thing going on that she’ll show anyone if asked. Also, her handwriting is hard to read.

8) Leigh Bardugo does this thing when she’s on a panel where she’ll spontaneously bust into a strange, high-pitched voice. It makes everything she says humorous. Character development ideas? Funny. Writing habits? Funny. Death by killer bees? Funny in The Voice.

9) If you give one glass of champagne to Brodi Ashton, she will entertain you all night. Also, she is the the sweetest, most wonderful human being alive.

10) Suzi Lazear wears cool dresses. And hats.

11) Zoraida Cordova owns a pair of gold heels you’d kill to own. Trust me.

12) Tamara Ireland Stone has good voice control. She’s the only YA author who didn’t at one point yell or speak way too loudly (I’m including myself in the latter bunch).

13) Someone in Colleen Houck’s family makes bomb cookies. I died when I ate one. Died.

14) Jennifer L. Armentrout could beat anyone in a marathon. She is a ball of energy that rivals the sun, people.

15) If there’s an award for the best red lipstick, Gennifer Albin wins.

16) Rachel Vincent is so beautifully, naturally thin, I want to harm her. She also has good voice control like Tamara.

17) Jeri Ready-Smith doesn’t realize how big time she is. Can someone please let her know she’s seriously big time?

18) Cynthia Hand handles intense back pain like a champ. Seriously, in a Hunger Games situation, my money’s on Hand.

19) Gretchen McNeil has an engagement ring we all want, but are too afraid to ask for. It’s red and antique looking and I thought very seriously about stealing it.

20) Corrine Jackson prefers the cheese. Doesn’t matter what the dish is. Also, she has a good, solid laugh.

21) Debra Driza is the first on the dance floor.

22) Justine Ireland is the first to make a soul train line on the dance floor.

23) Kimberly Derting is kind of quiet around a big group of people. This makes me extremely nervous considering the books she writes. Also, her husband adores her.

24) Veronica Roth has a new hairstyle. It’s very urban chic, and there’s no way I could ever pull it off the way she does.

25) CJ Omololu’s son does not prefer for his mother to wear lacy gloves. She, on the other hand, quite enjoys it.

26) Rachel Carter smiles a lot and it’s totes genuine. It makes you want to touch her face.

27) Tessa Gratton rides the publishing roller coaster like a stunner. Also, she makes me kind of nervous just like Kimberly Derting (see her books for reasoning).


There are so many peeps I’m forgetting, but I hope you enjoyed this very serious, very important RT wrap up. Wish me luck at YAB Fest this weekend. I’ll be sure to post when I get back! 🙂

– V