I recently revisited my Instagram account and sifted through the photos I’d posted since joining. I found myself thinking, “If I were a new visitor, would I follow me?” I shook my head at my own question. I had pics of cookies, of my daughter, of my dinner, of my bathroom, of my…socks? How could a girl with a master’s degree in marketing not see how horrendous this was? It’s as if I’d joined Instagram just so I could say, “Yup. I’m totally on there. High five?”

But I’ve made improvements, dolls, and I think you’ll find more of what you’re looking for now. I deleted everything that made me yawn, and started uploading more pics of what I was working on, and where I was going. I added insider videos, and deleted baby pictures (sorry, not sorry). I captioned these new images and videos with helpful tips for creatives, and am now giving exclusive sneak peeks at my work, and my life, not found anywhere else. And finally, I’m making an effort to reply to comments from my fans here more than anywhere else.

So go, give me an add, and I promise to deliver content worth following!

PS – It’s raining outside, guys. Like, hard. So…