Last weekend was my first foray into being a real author. I’m a real author. I am, I am, I am. And…it was fantastic. The event kicked off on Friday with introductions. I had to stand on a stage and introduce myself and my book (almost blacked out). On Saturday, there was a great Mexican feast for lunch (the dessert was questionable), and then I spoke on a YA lit panel with Tracy Deebs and Rachel Harris (Rachel said the word “slick” during the presentation…which was awesome. Long story). Finally, on Saturday night there was a Masquerade ball.

All in all, it went pretty well. God knows I had my fair share of Mike’s Hard Lemonades (they were the sponsor, if that tells you anything about the event). Thank you to everyone who left comments and tweeted me during the event. I swear, you guys were the difference between me wetting my pants, and acting like a proper adult who doesn’t, ya’ know, wear diapers. Here are a couple of pics:

Entangled Teen Authors


Readers N Ritas 2012


Reader N Ritas 2012


Love you guys!!

– V