I’m finally back in Dallas after being on the road for what felt like an eternity plus three days. Last week, I traveled to Houston for a release party and school visit with the amazing Sophie Jordan. If you haven’t read her books, guys, get on that pronto! She’s an amazing author, and a genuinely humble, kind, funny person. Trust me, I know. Because I am also humble, kind, and funny. Just kidding. I am only one of those things.

But which one? Like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop, the world may never know.

After my release party for Salt & Stone, I traveled to Corpus Christi for Teen Book Fest by the Bay. Our hotel was on the water, people, and it was legit. I sat on a panel with Django Wexler, who writes middle grade, and had a few cocktails with Jackson Pearce that evening (both of these people were also in the way of Sophie Jordan on the coolness scale).

Because I’m back home, and home is where the relaxation happens, I’m giving away some books I picked up on my journeys this week. All three are signed, and all three are magically delicious. US only, folks, because international shipping rates are silly expensive.


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