Being on submission is equal parts exciting and excruciating. I’m convinced the only way to survive it is to keep working, and keep reading. Continuing to write while what you wrote is being reviewed by editors is hard, but I’ve finally decided on a project that interests me. I’m well under way with outlining and character profiles for this baby, and if I’m lucky, I’ll be ready to start the first draft next week.

Now, reading? That’s a different beast. If that beast is actually an angel that carries me to my happy place and serves me chocolate-dipped strawberries and raspberry-infused champagne. It’s so easy to dive into other people’s stories. To revel in their creations and hard work, knowing I didn’t have to lift a finger to enjoy this puppy. When I was about to go on submission, I asked for your suggestions on what to read. You responded with loads of ideas, and I was able to pick up some fun little gems to distract me from the not-so-fun anxiety that is Waiting. Here are a few of the best I’ve read recently:
















Which of these have YOU read? I so want to know! Also, I’m trying to decide whether I need to back up and read the SHIVER trilogy. Yes? No? What say you? 😀