I am back from my 34 hour drive in the name of novel research. Let the trumpets blare, let the guns fire…let me get some flippin’ sleep.

On my last day in Georgia, I stumbled upon a biology guru who answered my never-ending line of research questions without tiring (a difficult feat, I assure you). I came back to Dallas with a better understanding of Georgia wildlife and architecture and am confident it’ll help my second draft. Is confident too strong a word? Hopeful.

I started work on my second draft on the drive home. Writers Digest says this about second drafts: “In the second draft, you should be looking more closely at mechanical and stylistic issues—the length and structure of your sentences and paragraphs, your word choices, your voice and tone—to make sure that you’ve said everything you wanted to say in the most effective way possible.”

Second drafts are not to be confused with final drafts. All I am concentrating on is cleaning up my story and making it as easy-to-read as possible. Draft three will be putting in, and taking out, pieces to make it a better story.

Draft 1 = Write the story (The Bones)

Draft 2 = Make it easy to read (Clean the Bones)

Draft 3 = Make the story come alive (Add Flesh)


This is my system. What’s yours?