Dante’s the kind of guy who needs his own pad, so my publicist and I figured it’s only natural that we give him an entire website. *Cue dancing and jazz hands and cartwheels* So…baring any craziness, we’ll be letting him launch his website next Friday, Aug. 3. And that’s when you (hopefully) come in. We’re looking for bloggers, Twitter gurus, and fans to help us spread the word. You see, for the first few days, the website will require a password to enter–a password readers can only get from you.




Here’s how it’ll work:

Thursday, Aug. 2 – Website finalized

Friday, Aug. 3 – Website is live, but readers need a password to view the site. Passwords will be available on bloggers’ websites who sign up below.

Wednesday, Aug. 8 – Website is live.


So that’s the scoop. I’m super excited about the launch and so, so hope you’ll join in the fun. Dante’s kicking off with site with a few cool pages, and will be adding more as his book debut gets closer. Woot! Thank you in advance to anyone who agrees to help spread the love for D-Dub.

If you would like to participate, just leave your email and website address in the comments section! 🙂