Many authors started out the same way I did–as readers. We walked into a book store and ran our fingers over the slick covers and imagined the stories inside. And we imagined something else, too: that someday one of those sublime books would have our name on it.

It’s a dream worth chasing. A noble dream, I believe. One that takes time and tears to accomplish. But sometimes, even after a writer gives everything they have to accomplish this lofty goal, and they brush with luck long enough to land a book deal–it still doesn’t end with a shiny, thick novel on a shelf. Space at book stores is limited, and not every fabulous story makes it through the doors. At times we understand why certain books are granted valuable retail space, other times we don’t. All I know is, at the end of the day, nothing is guaranteed…no matter how hard you work. So I know just how lucky I am to make the following announcement:

THE COLLECTOR: A DANTE WALKER NOVEL has been picked up by major big-box retailers.

When I got the email that this was happening, that not only would I see my book in an actual store, but that it would be inside nearly-impossible-to-attain retailers, I almost hit the floor. While I can’t announce which retailer(s) picked up my book, I will say this–think BIG. (note: in this case, retailers means a place where you can buy more than just books)

I have to take a moment here to thank the lady of the hour: Publisher Liz Pelletier. Liz, you are a powerhouse to be reckoned with. With the help of your fabulous team, you have made Entangled Publishing into a dynamic, innovative beast. I bow down to you, Godfather of Publishing, and marvel at your awe-inspiring, magic-wielding mind.

Okay, so now for some not-so-great news *prepares to duck*. Sometimes, attaining certain contracts means making certain concessions. So…I’m just going to band-aid rip this next part:

The new release date for THE COLLECTOR is April 2, 2013.

I know this sucks, but it’s only an extra three weeks. And…AND!….big box retailers! I’ll admit that the first thing I thought of when I got the BIG email was that Dante Walker fans were going to maim me. So I’m hoping beyond hope that you guys will see the bright side of this: Dante is going to get more exposure. And who doesn’t want to see Dante’s sexiness in more places? 😉

Thank you again and again to Entangled Teen for making this huge feat possible, and also to all the Dante Walker fans that have been amazingly supportive. I am so very blessed, and I’ll never stop remembering that.

Love you guys!

– V