The joys of editing my manuscript and building a platform (Twitter, Facebook, website, blog) are never-ending.

*Tightens knot in the noose*

What other joys could be left for me? Ah, yes – seeking exposure for my work. And what better way to get feedback on my work, and shoot for recognition, than through contests? It could be fun, right?

*Steadies chair beneath the dangling rope*

Contests can be a good way to “test the waters” of your work and get professionals to take a gander; even if you do have to shell out cash and weed through the scammers to do so.

So, I entered a couple of contests for kicks. The process was equal parts: They’re going to think I’m a freaking genius and This manuscript makes toilet paper proud.

*Steps up on the chair and reflects on life*

If you’re interested in joining the slews of writing peeps looking for some great feedback – and an ego boost – look no further than this site: And good luck to you. I guess one of us has to win, right? And if we do…that one small miracle…can make everything worth it.

*Sits back down in chair and resumes the seemingly unattainable feat of becoming a published author*