Six days. Six days is all that stands between you and watching THE COLLECTOR trailer. If you didn’t already see the announcement on Twitter, the official trailer release will be hosted by Alice Marvels on Tuesday, February 12, 2013. We’ve sat on this trailer for several weeks looking for the best way to do the reveal, and Alice Marvels really stepped up to the plate in order to give Dante his time to shine in a big way.

To ensure you see the trailer, I recommend you visit Alice Marvels now and sign up to receive her newsletters. The sign up box is near the top right corner on the landing page. I can’t wait to see what you guys think!

Also, side note, the Montgomery County Book Festival this past weekend was amazing. Thank you to everyone who sat in on my panel with Kendare Blake, Mary Lindsey, Lisa McMann, and Joy Preble. We had a blast answering your questions! Also, thanks to all the readers who asked me to sign their bookmarks, T-shirts, pizza boxes, cookie containers, arms, etc. I heart you something fierce…especially my super fan. 😉

– V