If any of you fine folks were cracked out on Twitterverse Sunday night, you may have seen Entangled Teen Publisher, Liz Pelletier, tweeting lines from THE COLLECTOR. When I woke up Monday morning and saw them, I got all warm fuzzy legit. I mean, I watched Liz do that for OBSIDIAN a few months before it released, and long before I had a contract. Needless to say, it felt surreal to see the same thing done for my baby.

In case you missed Tweet Fest 12-30-2012, I’m reposting the quotes here. Hope you like them!


“I’m playing my part on Team Hell like a heavyweight.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“If I don’t get an A in this class, my grandma will skin me alive and make it look like an accident.” – Charlie Cooper, THE COLLECTOR

“As Charlie is leaving, she somehow trips on the threshold and nearly face-plants. Out of all the souls on Planet Earth, how is this the soul I’ve come to collect?” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“Man it feels good to seal souls. Like a little slice of bacon.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“Steal is an ugly word, Charlie. What we’re doing is letting loose.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“I stare at Charlie until a shining light engulfs her small frame. Then I point my finger and release a seal. It attached to her soul and stays there. And damn it if she doesn’t turn around at that very moment…and smile.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“I’m no doctor, but I’m fairly certain Grams is hopped up on enough meds to bring down a rhinoceros.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“I was sure a city with the name Peachville couldn’t have a rough part of town. I stand corrected.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“She’s getting drunk because of me. This fact is ninety-five percent pleasing, and five percent…something else.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“Behind her glasses, her eyes are red and swollen and so filled with hurt that I fear I will murder someone. That I will actually end someone’s life.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“Wait, is [Charlie’s best friend] trying to intimidate me? Because if she is…it just might work. Bitch be scary.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“I lean in and whisper in Taylor’s ear, “You don’t know who you’re fucking with, princess. Ain’t no one do bad like I do.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR


And as my Grandma says…one more to grow on!!!


“I’m sorry, Charlie,” I whisper. I’m not sure she hears me, and I’m definitely not sure I mean it. – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR


What do you think, guys? Like any of these? *bites nails in anticipation*