As many of you know, last weekend was the release party for THE COLLECTOR. The morning of, I went to The Hair Bar and got my hair done with one of my besties. Soon after, my parents arrived at my house. From there, it was a whirlwind: flowers being delivered, cupcakes showing up, my publicist calling, picking up my dress…and Twitter exploding with tweets from you guys wishing Dante a happy release party!

On the drive to Barnes & Noble, I made jokes. “Do you think the paparazzi will be there?” I asked my parents. And, “Has the red carpet been pressed?” Also, “Mom, you probably won’t get a copy. I mean, they’ll sell out within seconds, I’m sure.” Finally, “Dad, I hope you don’t mind standing lines. I’m sure there will be a pretty serious one.”

We had a good laugh. This was my first book. And it’s good to laugh at your own expense. Because in all seriousness, I knew not many people had heard of me or my book. Not yet. Not for my first. “I have to start somewhere, right?” I asked my mom before going in, all joking aside.

She nodded and patted my leg. “Yes, baby. Even if just you, me, Ryan, and Daddy, we’ll have fun.”

Imagine my surprise when, an hour later, I was seated at a table staring down a lengthy line of readers waiting to get their books signed!! The store manager asked if I needed anything, my husband ran around helping people get pictures, my dad started freaking that we were, in fact, going to run out of books. And then the impossible happened: THE COLLECTOR sold out. The store manager (such a sweetie), said he never expected this. Not for a debut. He would order more, he was sorry. Little did he know my dream was coming true hearing those words: sold out.

Here are some pics of the release party at Barnes & Noble, and of the after party at a bar called Dragonfly.

Thank you for all the amazing support. It is because of you that last Saturday was such a success. YOU made my dream come true!
























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