I’ve turned in THE COLLECTOR book 2 to my agent and editor, and while I’ve heard great things from my agent, I’m nervously waiting on feedback from The Woman in Charge. While I may not know whether I got a big, shiny A+ or a fat, shameful FAIL, I do know a couple of things:

1) The official title of THE COLLECTOR book 2!


2) The release date!

*Fireworks* *Rainbows* *Edible bunnies* As you can tell, I’m super excited to share another piece of information about THE COLLECTOR trilogy, and I’m hoping for your help to do it! I’ll be creating a video with this fun information included, and if you want to celebrate with me, I’ll email you the embedded code to drop on your blog. I’d only ask that you make the post on Thursday, December 13th. If you can’t post on that day, you can post later, just not before.

Thank you in advance to everyone who joins in! To sign up, just leave your name and email address below. 🙂

Love you guys!

– V