As many of you know, the first few ARCs were released into the wild yesterday. Suffice it to say, I am beyond nervous. Though it’s helped to see so many of you ravenous readers diving into Dante’s story moments after it landed in your inbox.

I wanted to take a moment to clarify how the ARC distribution process for THE COLLECTOR is working. Because Entangled Teen has had so many requests for the ARC (color me surprised!), a lottery system has been established. Starting this week, and each week after, Entangled will randomly select a few bloggers / readers to receive the ARC. It is 100% random, and unfortunately,  I have no control over who gets picked in what round. Trust me, if I had control, I’d be passing these puppies out like Snickers on Hallo-freaking-ween. Which is…you know…probably why I’m not in control. Ha!

If you haven’t requested an ARC and would like to, please send an email to my publicist at HeatherRiccio(@)EntangledPublishing(.)com and be sure to include any readership stats you have. She will then place you into the lottery.

Best of luck to each of you. I’m unbelievably excited to see what you think about Dante’s story, and want to thank you in advance for your time. I know not everyone will love THE COLLECTOR, and I just appreciate anyone who gives it a chance. Hugs!

– V