Yesterday, Scholastic revealed the first chapter of FIRE & FLOOD. It felt like a milestone on this book’s journey to publication, and quite frankly, I’m feeling sentimental. I’d like to say it seems like yesterday that I wrote this story, but I’d be lying. I penned FIRE & FLOOD while THE COLLECTOR was on sub. And once the Dante Walker books sold, I sat on FIRE & FLOOD, deciding what to do with it. I was finding my footing in the world of publishing–meeting my editor and publicist and creating a platform–and it didn’t seem like good timing.

But soon it did feel right to sub again. My agent and I knew Scholastic could do great things with an adventure book based on their success with THE HUNGER GAMES and THE SCORPIO RACES, so we crossed our fingers and gave it a go. And now, as Scholastic shares with first chapter of FIRE & FLOOD, which I wrote many moons ago, I’m teary eyed and feeling incredible thankful.

Hope you enjoy the first few pages of my newest series!


First Look: Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott Chapter 1 by ThisIsTeen