Several of you have asked if you can buy a signed copy of one of my books for the holidays for a friend or yourself (the best gift is one given to yourself, no?). First, thank you for being made of awesome. Your enthusiasm is contagious and makes me write words like a boss (not saying they’re good words). And while I’m busy plotting my next book for your restless hands, and am expected to participate in family activities this holiday season–*eyeballs sign in office that reads: I’d rather be writing*–I still want to please the masses lest I be overthrown from my position as Don of the Worldwide V-Mafia Mayhem Circuit.

So, if you’ll email me from November 28 – December 8, I’ll mail you a signed copy. In the email, include which books you’d like, your mailing address, and how you’d like me to sign it (to someone specific, or just sign my name). This is for US residents only, and I’ll give you instructions on how to pay after you email (you can mail a check or use PayPal).

Cost per book (includes shipping):
The Collector – $13
The Liberator – $13
The Warrior – $13
Fire & Flood – $17

Remember, all requests and payments must be made by end-of-day on December 8, 2014. Send requests to

Thanks and happy, happy holidays!