You guys. YOU GUYS! There is but six days between us and FIRE & FLOOD releasing. How is this possible? You know what’s crazier? I got my editorial letter for book two today along with a note that we’ll be sending it off to copy edits within three weeks. And the cover designer is already brainstorming covers for the second title. And my editor loves the story. Mind freak!

I wanted to remind you that my release party is next Saturday in Dallas. If you’re in the area and want to come, here are the details. Also, Jessica Brody and I will be doing a virtual release party this Sunday and will be giving away several of our books. Find more info. about that here. And finally, because my book releases soon and I can’t contain my excitement, I’m doing a giveaway. US only, but I love you all dearly.

Six more days, dear readers, dear Brimstone Bleed Contenders! May you be brave and keep your Pandoras close!


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