My short story, FOUR HOUSES, released this week. It was spectacular experiencing the love and support I received from my fellow writers. Post-release, I thought I’d share a few things I learned:

#1) Book Bloggers
Contact book bloggers early. They get inundated with requests, so plan to email them weeks, if not months, before your release. Also, establish a relationship NOW. Follow their blogs, RT their Twitter posts, and if you mean it, tell them you love their reviews. Creating a relationship now, will mean they’re more open to your request later. I’d even suggest creating a “list” on Twitter for bloggers. That way you can easily interact with them and build friendships.

#2) Use Writing Buddies
Beg your writing buddies for support. My writing group went out their way to support me by not only doing posts on their sites, but by requesting others do the same. It sounds much better when someone else is doing your promoting for you. It’s no so…overeager. So support other writers, and be supported in return. You might want to create a list of writers you’ve supported in the past so you know who to call on when the time comes.

#3) Create Events
Use Goodreads and Twitter to create events. Send the events to everyone on your friend list. Offer the people who RSVP something exclusive, like a sneak peak of the book or a full read if it’s a short story. Also, ask for something in return for their “exclusive” treat such as adding your book to their “to-read” list on Goodreads or by tweeting about the release.

#4) Post in Advance
Post your book a few days before the actual release. This will give you time to correct problems (trust me, they’ll pop up).

#5) Pay for a Cover
Even if you’re pushing a novella or short story, pay to have a professional cover created. It’s difficult for readers and writers to get behind supporting your work if it’s improperly packaged. So shell out a few bucks and slap on a pur-tey cover. You’ll be proud of the finished product and it’ll help brand you as a professional.

I hope this post has helped in some small way.

Keep writing!