THE JULIET SPELL, written by Douglas Rees, is a fun and spicy YA book dropping September 27, 2011 from Harlequin Teen. What better way to celebrate this book’s b-day than with an autographed giveaway and an interview with the story’s heart throb, Edmund Shakespeare! Woot!


1) Kissing on the first date: yeh or neh?
Aye! And again, Aye! Did Romeo not kiss Juliet upon their first balcony? And what wuld she have thought of him if he hadn’t? Aye! And again, aye!


2) You just landed a summer job working in fast food…and discovered your uniform is hot pink. How do you rock it?
Pink is a colour I love well. When I played Juliet as a lad of 13, I did first meet Romeo (fat Dick Burbage) wearing a gown of pink. ‘Tis the “uniform” part of the garb I would dislike. So, how to announce that within it is the body and soul of an actor and a noble heart? First, to the feet. I should wear thigh-high boots like a swaggering captain just back from the Irish wars. With these, knee-britches of scarlet, I think, with trunk-hose of taffeta to match, with some pleasing colour of paneling — yellow, perhaps to line them. Then the pink doublet which is the “uniform”. I should wear my sword with this to give it dash. Likely there is a hat of some sort with the doublet, which I should embellish with a fine ostrich plume.
“May I take your order, Milord?”


3) How do you take your Starbucks?
Ah, coffee! How many more plays my brother Will might have writ had we had coffee in London in the 1590’s. Though some might say he writ quite enough without it. Being an Englishman, I drink it strong and sweet and as large as I can get it. Indeed, I have created my own special brew, a six-shot venti mocha with double whip and black currants. (I fetch my own currants when I go to Starbucks). Two or three of those and I can act, dance, sing, play my flute or wrestle Sackerson, the great bear in the pit near our theatre. (See next question.)


4) You just witnessed a black bear race into a grocery store parking lot and attack an innocent old lady. What is your reaction?
I am not unaccustomed to bears. Pits where bears fight dogs to the death are even more popular than theatres in London, and, some of the beasts do have great name among us, like Sackerson. I did once shake him by his chain when he was being led through the street. Nonetheless, I am not easy in my mind about this question. It leaves out much. Do I have my sword? Is there a pack of hounds nearby that one might loose upon the bear? Is there perhaps another bear that one might set upon the first? For that matter, how do we know the old lady doth not deserve it? Perhaps she is a witch and the bear is a lost prince under an enchantment taking a just revenge (and Will, do not steal this idea).
I like to think that I would do something heroic and effective in dispatching or distracting the bear, and that the old lady would be worthy of my efforts, but this is more than one can know without more of the story.


5) Pajama jeans. Thoughts?
I like my pants to be English, tight bright hose to the knee, and a fine, loose manly taffeta above, rising to a comfortable bell-shaped draping of the cloth about the hips. But I do look great in 501’s, so I am told.