I’m so stupid excited to finally announce that Entangled Teen has acquired the rights to my next YA novel, Violet Grenade. I’ll be working with Editor Heather Howland to bring you this psychological thriller in summer 2017, and already I can’t wait. In the meantime, I’ll share with you how the concept behind this book came to be.

It all started with a spark for two different book ideas. On one side of my brain, I was playing with the vision of a girl getting attacked in an alleyway. The mugger believes her the perfect victim to rob, or kidnap, or kill. What he doesn’t know is she’s twice the terror he is, though looks would tell you otherwise. I’ve always liked the idea of a land mine of a human being. Someone who could explode at any moment, but absolutely no one would suspect it. This twisted love ultimately delivered me my main character, Domino.

The other idea I was toying with was the story of a quiet, abused boxer who falls in love with a girl. She’s the only one who cares for him, and accepts him, so when someone threatens her, this quiet boy unleashes his size, strength, and bottled rage onto those who would bring her harm. This attraction to a quiet, volatile boy ultimately delivered me my secondary character, Cain.

When these two ideas, or rather characters, converged, I knew I had the makings of a book I wanted to write. Those initial sparks have changed immensely, but the end result is similar. Violet Grenade is the story of a runaway named Domino. She’s fairly quiet, and reserved…a “shapeless fart of a girl.” But she has a secret. A darkness she carries with her that even her best friend doesn’t suspect. Domino Ray has dissociative identity disorder, and a second personality she’s trying desperately to suppress. Heaven help the person who pushes her too far.

And Cain? Well, let’s just say he’s got issues of his own.

Who wants to take the honors of shipping Domino and Cain? Anyone? Anyone? 😉


That’s all I can tell you about the book for now. But! Here is the PM announcement, a few pics and a video of me signing my contract, and of course a giveaway! Yay!


PM Announcement


Violet Grenade
Signing away!


Pic 2
Pondering things as a ponderer does.


Pic 3
Demanding more money! More cotton candy! More hot boys!




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