I can sometimes be a tease. I’ll promise something juicy…then say I’ll divulge in three days time. Some may say this is smart, that this is how I nabbed a husband. Others may say this is Grade-A Nastiness. Either way, I was up to my old antics on Tuesday when I promised BIG NEWS…on Thursday.

Well, my friends, it’s Thursday. And here’s the scoop:

My agent, Laurie McLean, sold the rights to my YA Thriller, THE BRIMSTONE BLEED, to Scholastic! POW! 

Here’s the write-up in Publisher’s Marketplace:

Victoria Scott’s new YA thriller, THE BRIMSTONE BLEED, in which sixteen-year-old Tella competes in a grueling race, with the help of a genetically engineered animal, to save her brother’s life, to Erin Black and THE HUNGER GAMES team at Scholastic, in a two-book deal, for publication in 2014, by Laurie McLean at Larsen Pomada Literary Agents.

Freaking Crazy Town, right? Okay, let me be honest. When my agent sold my DANTE WALKER trilogy to Entangled Teen, I was afraid that this was it–I’d used up all my creative juices and 50 years from now I’d still be talking about the ONE trilogy I wrote. So when THE BRIMSTONE BLEED poured from my body, and my sister (who’s known for her painful honesty) called and said, “This…this is amazing. Editors are going to freak out over this,” I actually started to believe in my future. And that I wouldn’t just write one trilogy and be done–but that I would have a career as an author.

So I polished BRIMSTONE and then my agent and I went on “selective” sub. We submitted to houses we believed had experience launching a YA Thriller in a big way. It goes without saying that Scholastic was our first choice. I mean, I’m fairly sure THE HUNGER GAMES puts them on the map for houses-that-know-how-to-do-YA-thrillers-up-right.

After Erin Black, Editor Extraordinaire,  emailed my agent and said she was flipping out over the book and was taking it to acquisitions, I vowed to find Erin and lock her in a cellar and make her repeat more of this “Victoria’s writing is truly breathtaking” stuff she’d been spewing.

After waiting five days, I nearly suffered massive coronary failure when my phone rang.

Laurie McLean calling

Panic attack. PANIC ATTACK!

Me: “Hello?”

Laurie: “Well, Tori…this is my favorite kind of phone call to make.”

Me: “Oh, my God.”

Laurie: *laughs* “Everyone at Scholastic loves your book. They’re buying it. And the sequel too. And they’re putting the same marketing team behind it that they did for The Hunger Games.”

My ghost (because I am now dead from shock): Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!!


So, dear readers and writers and friends and family, that is my news. THE BRIMSTONE BLEED is slated for release spring 2014 from Scholastic. Thank you so much for being with me during this nail-biting time. I may not have been able to talk about it, but it made all the difference to have you there. I heart you. I heart you. I heart you.

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