Well guys, when I was on vacation I got a pretty exciting email! Here’s the news: THE COLLECTOR and THE LIBERATOR were acquired by Sharp Point Press, a publisher in China!! Sharp Point is the Chinese publisher for Stephanie Meyer and John Green among others, and this means we’ll be seeing a Chinese version of the first two books in the Dante Walker trilogy! I’m incredibly excited about this news, and to be honest, I can’t wait to see how Dante’s swag translates. Ha!

On a separate front, Dante Walker was voted into the YA Crush Tournament, and I have you guys to thank. You’re so incredible for voting for him, or for any of those smoking hot boys. If you want to help Dante win his rounds, you can sign up here. This doesn’t have to mean Dante is your first choice, only that you want to help in certain rounds.

Finally! We’re getting awfully close to THE LIBERATOR ARC TIME! You can get an ARC of THE LIBERATOR two ways. 1) Email my publicist and ask to be put into the lottery for THE LIBERATOR (HeatherRiccio@EntangledPublishing.com). 2) Sign up for the blog tour through Mostly YA Book Obsessed. This may change, but we’re looking at opening tour sign-ups on June 17th (that’s next Monday!), with chosen blogs being announced July 5th. Also, you guys are more than welcome to enter the lottery AND sign up for the tour.

That’s it! Lots of fun announcements today!

– V