Leigh Bardugo knows a thing or two about hats. She’s also got a knack for writing, evidenced by her hot new book THE GRISHA releasing Spring 2012 from Henry Holt/Macmillan. Once I read the blurb for her up and coming novel, I knew I had to ask this girl some serious, life-altering questions. Enjoy!


1) You just morphed into a cat. What is your first objective as a feline?
Step 1: Take to the streets and form the New Cat Army. Step 2: Disband the army and take a long nap in the sun.


2) I love your hat in your Twitter photo. Describe your perfect hat. And….GO!
Thanks! (The faux fur ushanka in my pic was made by Furnoggin. You should check out their etsy store.)My perfect hat is probably Cecil Beaton’s black and white creation for Audrey Hepburn in the Ascot scene of My Fair Lady. But my version would make me breakfast and pour the perfect cocktail.


3) Would you rather be purple with green spots, or green with purple spots? Why?
Good gravy, what a choice. That’s like asking if I’d rather wear bellbottoms or overalls. The answer is NO. But if I must choose… Purple with green spots because I’d be less visible at night.


4) Doughnuts. Chocolate or Glazed? Why?
Chocolate. I prefer a cake-like doughnut. Also, I recently had the opportunity to read the copy on the side of a box of Entenmann’s “Glazed Holes”, and may I just say, it is OBSCENE.


5) What is your favorite smell on Planet Earth? Why?
Michael Fassbender. (In case you’re wondering, he smells of freshly mown hay and Nazi killin’.) I’m also keen on tomato leaves and Pacifica’s Malibu Lemon Blossom. (And my friend Morgan Fahey recently introduced me to the pleasures of Frederic Malle’s Parfum deTherese.) Why? As the leader of the New Cat Army, I don’t need to justify my decisions. Frankly, your questions smack of insubordination.


I hope you enjoyed this interview. You can learn more about Leigh on her website or by following her on Twitter.  You can also add her book, THE GRISHA, on Goodreads.