This new series is called Authors to Watch, and there’s no better way to kick things off than with Jennifer Bosworth. Jennifer is one of the sweetest (and most gorgeous…I mean, seriously. I kinda hate her) writers I’ve met on Twitter. She has an obsessive relationship with creepy-looking trees, and even has them plastered across the walls of her home. Home girl also has wicked writing skills, evidenced by her book, STRUCK, debuting May 8, 2012 by FSG/MacMillan. In order to get inside Jennifer’s head, I thought I’d toss a few questions her way and see how she fared. Enjoy!


1) Would you rather spend 30 days on a non-stop flight, or sky dive off said flight? Why?
It depends. Do I get to fly first class? Have I been seated between a screaming baby and a close talker? No, regardless of the circumstances, I’d probably skydive. I tend to get extreme cabin fever, and if I stayed on the plane I’d probably go nuts and start hallucinating and attacking people. They’d have to restrain me and lock me in the cargo bay, and those areas of the plane are notoriously chilly. I like to remain at a neutral temperature.

2) Black ink or blue?
Even though blue is my favorite color, I’m going to go with black. There’s something about black ink that demands to be taken seriously. Black ink slaps you in the face and says, “You will read me!” Blue ink holds your hand and asks nicely.

3) Would you rather take a ride in a kangaroo’s pouch, or have a pet koala bear? Why?
I’ve heard koala bears are sometimes called “drop bears” because they drop out of trees and attack people. Is this a rumor, because if it’s not, I don’t think I can handle the terror of living with a koala bear. Kangaroo ride, please!

4) What is your favorite minute in the entire day (ex. 11:11am). Why?
3:33 p.m.. This probably stems from my teenage years. I hated school, and every day I counted the seconds until the day was over. I don’t remember the exact time it ended, but 3:33 seems about right. Also, three is just a good-looking number, and three threes is even sexier.

5) As a professional writer, what award should you receive (ex. Gold Class Award for Procrastination)? Why?
Most coffee/whiskey/lemonheads drunk/eaten while finishing a draft.


I hope you enjoyed this interview. To learn more about Author Jennifer Bosworth, follow her on Twitter here or visit her up-and-coming author website.