I recently read a post on one of my favorite book blogger’s websites that addressed how to deal with authors responding to reviews. Specifically, she referenced authors who attack bloggers on Goodreads for their opinions. I’ll be honest, I’ve stayed quiet on this topic for a while because what I have to say isn’t popular among my writer friends. But here it is:

As the author, keep your mouth shut. Shut it. Shut it!

Since my book hasn’t released yet, I realize this statement is setting me up for a long road of biting my tongue. But trust me, I will. Here’s why: I WANT people to read my book. And guess what? Responding to negative reviews only helps scare off others who were considering reading your work. Now they think you’re an ass, and that they can’t be honest in their review. So they’ll move on to another book.

Book reviewers are our best friends. Yes, even the ones who write 90% bad commentary. Know why? Because people aren’t idiots. And if a handful of reviewers hate your book, others will most likely write them off and see for themselves. We’re readers, after all. Intelligent, adventurous people who don’t always take someone else’s word as gospel. So for the love of God, let reviewers speak. Let them debate. Let them curse and scream and throw your book into the fire. Because at the end of the day, they bought your story, right? And you better be damn grateful they even gave your ass a chance. Do you know how many books out there are gathering dust? Lots. TONS. So the next time you see a bad review, realize it’s not the end of the world, and TRY and be thankful that the person made time in their life for your work!

Now, if I can just reread this to myself each day once THE COLLECTOR releases, I should be golden. 😉