I recently read DRINK, SLAY, LOVE by Sarah Beth Durst and LOVED her unique twist on vampires and vampire slayers. I went into this book knowing only one thing: the cover was to-die-for. Much to my delight, the fun didn’t end there. Durst’s unique concept combined with her laugh-out-loud sense of humor made for a super fun read. I can’t wait to read Durst’s other titles, and for you to read her answers to my interview questions. Enjoy!


1) Would you rather be a zebra or a giraffe?
Giraffe.  I rarely need to confuse lions with my stripes, but I often need to reach items on high shelves.  Also, it would be awesome to stick my giraffe head out the sunroof while driving down the highway.


2) If you were a vampire, how would you lure people into dark alleys to feast on their yummy blood?
I’d shout, “Help!  A vampire is attacking me!  Save me!”

I’d then turn around and bite the would-be vampire slayer.


3) Bees or Spiders–which are more terrifying?
When I was growing up, my mom used to have a beehive and make her own honey.  To populate the hive, she’d order bees by mail order.  The post office loved us.  But I learned not to mind bees.  They don’t really want to sting you, since they die when they do.

Spiders, though, breed by the thousands in our shed.  My husband claims there’s a massive Aragog-size mama spider in there, raising her own army.  To be on the safe side, we always knock before entering.


4) What color Jell-O disturbs you?
Blue.  I don’t think I should be eating things that are neon blue.  Feels like it would make my insides glow.


5) I am a unicorn. What is your plan to trap me?
I’d again shout, “Help!  A vampire is attacking me!  Save me!”

And you’d come bounding to save me because unicorns are vampire slayers.  Their glittery, fluffy, poop-rainbows-and-marshmallows reputation is pure propaganda to disguise their true purpose as vampire hunters.  After all, they do have that built-in stake…


I hope you enjoyed this interview! To learn more about Sarah and her fab books, visit her website or cyber stalk her on Twitter or Facebook.