I kind of happened upon Maurissa Guibord’s WARPED, a YA story about a fantastical world weaved into a tapestry that suddenly comes to life. I was blown away by Guibord’s ability to write a beautiful, suspenseful tale that feels utterly different from what’s on the market–no easy feat since many YA books seem to be written from similar templates. Obviously, I had to dig into Guibord’s head to see how that noggin of hers works! Enjoy!


1) Cars are no longer in existence. Instead, you must opt to ride either a lion or an elephant. Which do you choose?
I think the elephant would be a more comfortable ride- especially if it was a flying elephant. With cup holders in its wrinkles.


2) I just handed you $100. How will you spend it?
Probably on coffee and other art supplies.


3) You are in line at Starbucks and someone calls your best friend, who is with you, an idiot. What is your response?
I would accidentally spill my white hot mocha in their face.


4) Would you rather spend a night in a log cabin or a tee-pee?
Log cabin. I have an aversion to rooms with no corners.


5) Would you rather breathe fire or shoot water from your fingertips?
I would rather shoot water because then on hot days I could stand on street corners and twirl around to cool off inner city children. They would call me Sprinkler Lady. That would be cool.


I hope you had fun reading this interview. Now you should totally buy WARPED at Barnes & Noble, or learn more about Author Maurissa Guibord on her website.