You know those little quotes on the front of a book cover? The ones where an author says they loved the book you’re holding? Those are called blurbs. Many people misunderstand how books get blurbed. They imagine that a famous author randomly readers a book and then calls that author to say how much they loved it. This isn’t usually the case.

The other misconception is that publishing houses secure these blurbs for the author. That they take a book or ARC (advance reader copy) and send it out to famous authors and ask what they think. Sometimes this happens, but more often than not, it’s up to the author to find other writers to read and blurb their work. This is…in a word…awkward. How do you know who to approach? Will they laugh at your puny book? Will they tell all their author friends how much they hated it? Even if you come across a nice author who you think will enjoy your story, how do you go about approaching them? All good questions…that I have zero answers for. The only thing I can suggest is to make contacts early in your career, and hope to God they offer. Otherwise, you can shoot an author a quick email begging for their mercy.

Luckily, several amazing authors have offered to blurb THE COLLECTOR recently. I’m glad, because I don’t know what the heck I would have said or done to secure one. I’m so elated to have these rock stars reading my work, and relieved that they didn’t hate it, that I thought I’d share the blurbs I’ve received so far:


“I loved this book from the first page! Dante isn’t just your run-of-the-mill YA bad boy…he’s a villain. A real villain, who you often won’t like in the beginning. But at the same time, you can’t take your eyes off him because he’s hot, witty, and just fascinating. And all the while you’ll be thinking, I can’t wait to see this boy’s world get rocked.” – Wendy Higgins, author of SWEET EVIL

“What a blast. A fast-paced story told in a fresh, witty voice. Victoria Scott nails it!” – Mary Lindsay, author of SHATTERED SOULS

“Witty, and so intriguing. I started reading and didn’t want to stop. Victoria Scott is a fabulous new voice in YA.” – C.C. Hunter, author of the New York Times bestselling series, SHADOW FALLS

“Victoria Scott’s smokin’ hot paranormal debut, THE COLLECTOR, left me breathless at every turn with its sizzling anti-hero, unlikely heroine, and the epic romance that unfolds between them.” – Mindee Arnett, author of THE NIGHTMARE AFFAIR 

“Dark and hilarious all at once. Victoria Scott has an amazing and witty way of writing, and I’m dying for book two. And three. And anything else she writes!”
Lindsay Cummings, author of THE MURDER COMPLEX 


Isn’t that friggin’ amazing?! I can’t believe one published author agreed to read my book, let alone five! And now I can’t wait until YOU can read it, which is the true test of whether this book will sink or swim! *nervous belly butterflies* 🙂


– V