I expected a lot of things going into Austin Teen Book Festival 2012. I expected to meet authors and Fan Girl out. I expected to blow a month’s salary buying books (my husband’s salary, not mine…cause that’s how I roll). And I definitely expected to get a stomach ache eating nachos and hot dogs from the concessions stands. All these things happened. Check, check, and check.

But what I didn’t expect was this: I didn’t expect peeps would be excited that I was there.

I mean, seriously peeps. I am no one. I don’t even have a book out. And I wasn’t even on a panel. But all the same, I saw tweet after tweet saying something like, “Holy (expletive), Victoria Scott is here! I must meet her!” Hand to God, I showed every tweet to The Moms (she came with…she’s a total bookie). My mom and I then proceeded to freak out that people were freaking out and the whole thing became this insane circle of mania.

So, in the end, I gave a few interviews, signed a crap ton of bookmarks, and met so many cool readers. I hope they know I was probably way more excited to meet them than they were me, and that I thank them for pretending I am someone worth getting jazzed about.

When I went home, and calmed down from the hysteria, I cocked a hand on my hip and told Dad I was way too famous for his tamales.

Then I ate four.