I figured this day may come. Why? Because author friends the world over told me it would. “I’ll always set my own schedule,” I said. “I’ll never have someone else book my appointments or check my emails,” I said.

“Okay, I will do all those thing,” I finally admitted.

The day has come where I need help in a big way. I have three books with Entangled Teen, two with Scholastic, and another stand-alone I’ll be starting soon. There are cover reveals, release parties, events, emails from readers, calls from agents and editors and publicists, and an online presence to maintain. It’s a lot.

So I’ve decided to offer an unpaid internship. You work for me for a set amount of time, and in that time, I’ll do my best to teach you the industry and supply you with experience in the publishing field. That’s the trade!

This internship has been posted on local college boards:


Internship Description: 
Assistant would be needed to keep author’s calendar, work with author’s editors, publicists, and agent, perform marketing activates to promote author brand, upkeep author’s social sites, provide feedback on manuscripts, and possibly attend book signings and major literary events with author as needed. Assistant will generally make their own schedule and work from home.


Strong communication skills
Strong grasp of the English language
General understanding of teen literary market
Ability to multitask
Some design experience preferred


Time Commitment
6 months


Average Hours Per Week


What Will Assistant Receive?
While this is an unpaid position, I will occasionally send treats in the form of signed ARCs and gift cards. I’ll also provide any letter of recommendation you may need when applying for college, jobs, etc. Finally, I’ll make a concentrated effort to teach you what I can about the industry, and about writing in general.


The decision will not be based on age, sex, or race in any way. Anyone can apply! I hope to secure one assistant in the next 2-4 weeks, and will notify you if you’ve been selected for an interview. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to work for me for free, but if you do, then you’re officially book crazy–and that’s the kind of crazy I dig.