Yesterday, I got an email from the organizer of North Louisiana’s Teen Book Festival. She wanted to know if I’d be one of their featured authors. I reread her email and laughed to myself. You must have me confused with someone else, I thought. You want Cassandra Clare, or Kiersten White, or Andrea Cremer. You don’t want me. Of course, I didn’t tell them this. What I said was (before they could change their mind), “I’d be thrilled to join the festival!”

The event is April 2013, and by then I’ll have a book (a book!) out, so I’m not sure why it’s so bizarre that someone would ask to host me. But it is. I guess even post-book deal, I didn’t expect anyone to take notice of my work. But in a surprising twist, they are. And I must tell you, it’s amazing.

I went out to celebrate last night with my husband. We toasted to not one, but TWO reader events I’ve been asked to speak at (with a promise of many more to come). I just…I feel all warm and fuzzy inside that this is happening. That it’s real. And that it looks like I may get a real shot at being an author.

I feel so grown up.