I’ll never forget the day I was at Borders and held up a YA book I was interested in buying. I told my friend who was with me, “I think this author is on Twitter. I’m going to look her up and see what else she’s written.” Turns out this was her debut novel, but that’s not what snagged my attention. It was her followers. She had over 3,000 of them and I was in awe.

Since then, that author has had numerous achievements (and gained more followers), and I’ve learned just how many measures of success there are in publishing. But I still held onto that childlike feeling from that day at Borders, and I can’t believe I’m now celebrate having 5,000 followers of my own.

To thank you brilliant readers, I’m doing a giveaway. I’ve scoured my shelves for some of my favorite teen lit books, and now I’m sending a box of them to you. I’ll also be giving away digital copies of THE COLLECTOR and THE LIBERATOR to an international winner so that all can participate. Best of luck, and thank you for all you’ve done for me and my books. Big hugs!


Victoria Scott


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